The Original RED Sling Frame

RED designed and manufactured the Original RED Master Sling Frame in 2009 and it quickly became a sought-after frame solution.

Shortly afterwards we introduced the Famous RED Fabric Sling which was designed to be the perfect partner for our frame. This was followed by the development of the RED Master Leather Sling — and both have gone on to become the most popular slings on the market.

In order to reduce the weight and cost of the Original Frame (30Kg and £600) two new designs were created. The Heavy Duty Frame and the Lightweight Frame which saved up to 10Kg in weight and up to £200 in cost.

The final stage of the RED frame evolution was to change material from zinc plated mild steel to Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel. This has enabled us to make our frames even lighter again and up to 50% stronger than before with the added benefit of a luxurious brushed stainless steel finish.

Our revolutionary RED Rim Seat was introduced in 2016 and has quickly become a most desirable piece of kit with its unique modern design and unrestricted access — as never seen before.

We are now excited to bring you the latest addition to our range: a unique set of Leather Wrist and Ankle Restraints and Leather Collars. New, cool, fresh, colourful designs in the highest quality Italian Leather.

We are proud to be the only manufacturer to have developed such high quality products for the enjoyment of its customers all over the world. You deserve the best, get in on the action and do it in RED, it's worth the difference.

RED — Simply the Best

Product Use

RED products should only be used by adults with sufficient knowledge and experience in their use. Normal hygiene and personal protection practices should always be observed. Products should be assembled correctly and checked for safety before use. Worn, damaged or faulty products should never be used and should be replaced or repaired by the original manufacturer.

RED Slings, Frames and accessories have been very carefully designed and tested to be used safely and comfortably together. Use of any other Sling or Frame in combination with one of our products is not recommended and is undertaken entirely at the user's risk and discomfort.

Stick with the best — simply use RED to be safe.

Product Care

Stainless Steel surfaces will not stain or be affected by body fluids or sweat. Surfaces can be cleaned with normal household disinfectant water based cleaners and wipes. Abrasive cloths should not be used. Proprietary Stainless Steel Cleaners and Polishes can also be used: simply follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Polyester fabrics and webbing can be hand washed with normal household disinfectant water-based cleaners and wipes or laundry products. Fabric Slings should not be machine-washed and should be perfectly dry before storage.

Bridle Butt Leather is very strong and will slowly soften with use (but still maintain its strength) as you enjoy breaking it in. Leather Slings can be cleaned by wiping with gentle household cleaners or wipes. They can be further protected with Proprietary Leather Care products such as Fiebing’s Mink Oil: just follow the manufacturer's directions. WARNING: leather can be easily and permanently marked by small hard metal objects such as rivets and buckles in jeans, belts and clothing. Avoid disappointment, strip everything off before getting him in the sling. Bare flesh is always the best way to go.

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