About Red

Restraint Engineered Designs

Restraint Engineered Designs (RED) is an established world-leading British company, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality fetish gear, offering a range of Sling Frames, Slings and associated products for private and commercial use.

RED is now in its sixth year of production and has become the worldwide leader, supplying many hundreds of slings and frames to happy customers all over the world. The unique distinctive RED brand is not just a statement, but a guarantee of design excellence and quality. We only use the best quality locally sourced materials and our own highly skilled in-house workmanship to produce RED products. Our Frames and Slings are designed and tested to the highest possible standards. Our aim is to provide the safest, highest quality, most comfortable products at reasonable prices — simply ask any of our satisfied customers.

Our new range includes two greatly improved sling frame designs, the RED Lightweight and RED Heavy Duty Sling Frames. These, as well as the RED Master Leather Sling are all protected by UK Registered designs.

All standard products are available from stock direct online and package deals are delivered free of charge Worldwide. Selected products are available at specialist retailers. The REDZONE professional commercial range is made to order and is available to hire worldwide.

RED — Simply the Best

RED Product Use

RED products should only be used by adults with sufficient knowledge and experience in their use. Normal hygiene and personal protection practices should always be observed. Products should be assembled correctly and checked for safety before use. Worn, damaged or faulty products should never be used and should be replaced or repaired by the original manufacturer.

RED Slings and Frames have been very carefully designed and tested to be used safely and comfortably together. Use of any other Sling or Frame in combination with a RED product is not recommended and is undertaken entirely at the user's risk and discomfort.

Stick with the best — simply use RED to be safe.

RED Product Care

Zinc Electroplated surfaces can be cleaned with normal household disinfectant, water-based cleaners and wipes. Abrasive cloths should not be used. Surfaces should be dry before being put into storage and should be stored in dry low humidity conditions. Zinc Electroplated surfaces will slowly lose their shine and become dull or grey to the eye with age and use. This is a natural irreversible process that protects the steel from corrosion and can be accelerated by body fluids and sweat. In fact, a lot of customers love this rugged look.

Stainless Steel surfaces used in the REDZONE Professional range will not stain or be affected by body fluids or sweat. Surfaces can be cleaned with normal household disinfectant water based cleaners and wipes. Abrasive cloths should not be used. Proprietary Stainless Steel Cleaners and Polishes can also be used: simply follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Polyester fabrics and webbing can be hand washed with normal household disinfectant water-based cleaners and wipes or laundry products. Fabric Slings should not be machine-washed and should be perfectly dry before storage.

Bridle Butt Leather is very strong and will slowly soften with use (but still maintain its strength) as you enjoy breaking it in. Leather Slings can be cleaned by wiping with gentle household cleaners or wipes. They can be further protected with Proprietary Leather Care products such as Fiebing’s Mink Oil: just follow the manufacturer's directions. WARNING, leather can be easily and permanently marked by small hard metal objects such as rivets and buckles in jeans, belts and clothing. Avoid disappointment, strip everything off before getting him in the sling. Bare flesh is always the best way to go.

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