Connectors, Hooks and Chain

A range of stainless steel connectors and chain for use with your RED restraints, slings and frames
A Range of Accessory Connectors for use with RED Restraints, Collars, Frames, Slings and Rim Seats as well as many other products. All made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Stainless Steel Chain (per metre) - extend your range!
  • Hog-tie attachment (central stainless steel ring with 4 lobster-claw trigger hooks) to connect all four ankle and wrist restraints in a variety of positions.
  • Double-ended Trigger Hooks - securely connect wrist or ankle restraints to each other or to a fixed point.
  • Carbine Hooks - simple clip connectors.
  • All items in corrosion-free stainless steel.
  • Chain:
    1m: 400g
    (length may vary slightly due to link size)
  • Hog-Tie:
    max dim: 160mm x 160mm
    weight: 190g
  • Double-ended Trigger Hook:
    length: 116mm
    weight: 80g
  • Carbine Hook:
    length: 68mm
    weight: 27g
Stainless steel ring with four lobster-claw trigger hooksLobster-claw trigger hookThe Hog-tie connects four restraints in any number of positionsDouble-ended trigger hookSecurely connect two Restraints, or connect a restraint to a fixed pointEasy-release stainless steel carbine hookStainless steel chain
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