Assembly Instructions

RED Master Sling Frame


  1. Insert fully the four lower horizontal bars (with rubber feet) into one of the X shaped centre connection pieces and clamp by tightening the four plastic wing nuts.
  2. Assemble two vertical tubes on the end of each horizontal bar, depress each button clip to engage the tubes and align the holes in the tube with the button clip to lock in position.
  3. Insert fully the four upper horizontal bars (with corner hooks) into the remaining X shaped centre connection piece and clamp by tightening the four plastic wing nuts.
  4. Lift the assembled upper horizontal bars and place them over the four vertical posts to rest on the four button clips (this will require two people).
  5. At the same time depress the four button clips (this will require two people) and allow the upper horizontal bars to lower equally or together and lock in position.
  6. Your RED Master Frame is now ready for use. For safety and the best possible experience only use RED Slings and attachment accessories.


To disassemble the Frame, simply follow the assembly procedure in reverse.
Note :- When releasing the upper horizontal bar assembly, depress the four button clips and raise each bar equally or together until the upper horizontal bars are free from the button clips, this will require two people and the use of feet to hold the frame down. If you try to raise one horizontal bar at a time it may jam the opposite side making removal difficult, if this happens simply lower the bar back to its original position and start again correctly.

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