Purveyors of Slings, Frames, Seats and associated gear for the Fetish World. The distinctive RED brand is a guarantee of design excellence, quality and safety. We use only the highest grade materials together with a combination of advanced production processes and traditional mastered skills when making our own products at our RED WORKS. We are the world's only manufacturer of high quality sling frames and seats in medical grade 304 stainless steel. We are also the first manufacturer in the world to use only stainless steel grade 316 heavy duty D rings and buckles in all our products.

After over eight years of production and innovation, having supplied many hundreds of slings and frames to customers all over the world, we are now proud and excited to offer:
our fourth generation of sling frames now in stainless steel
our second generation of leather slings now with stainless steel metalware
our first stainless steel Rim Seat

All our products are available online from our secure website and stock is available for next day despatch with various delivery options worldwide. Sling frame packages are discounted and also include FREE worldwide delivery to most destinations.

  • The World’s Safest High Quality Slings and Sling Frames. Would you want to play in anything less?
  • The RED heavy Duty Sling Frame
  • The RED Rim Seat - a completely original Squat Seat design
  • RED Master Leather Sling
  • RED Lightweight Sling Frame
  • The RED Fabric Sling
  • High quality rivets in all our leatherwork
  • Unrestricted access to the head end with our unique Y-form design
  • The RED Master Leather Sling padded headrest: nickel-free
  • The RED Multifunction Adjustable Strap Set
  • The RED Rear View Mirror for a unique take on the action
  • RED makes the world's safest sling frames and slings
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We have upgraded our site to be 100% SSL compliant. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible. Every part of your visit to the RED website is transmitted in encrypted form so that your personal information stays safe and out of malicious hands.

RED introduces a range of new products:

The RED Lightweight Sling Frame in Stainless Steel - The most adaptable frame on the market The RED LIGHTWEIGHT SLING FRAME in Stainless Steel, the most most adaptable frame on the market - will even fit over a bed!
The RED Heavy Duty Sling Frame in Stainless Steel - The world's most robust frame The RED HEAVY DUTY SLING FRAME in Stainless Steel, the most stable and robust frame on the market, with a Y-shaped footprint which allows it to fit into corners or round obstacles.
The RED Master Leather Sling - the best design yet THE RED MASTER LEATHER SLING, Now with stainless steel fittings, RED slings are easily the strongest, most comfortable leather slings in the world.

The RED Rim Seat - a totally new take on the Squat Seat: stylish design, great ergonomics, amazing arse access! THE RED RIM SEAT, Purpose built Squat Seat, with a funky, modern design in stainless steel and an ergonomic leather seat to support your arse in just the right places.

RED Wrist, Ankle and Neck Restraints - cuffs and collars thoughtfully redesigned for your pleasure!
RED WEB - Something to get tied up in!

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