Multipurpose Adjustable Strap Set

A highly adaptable, stylish multi-purpose suspension system
A unique Strap system to connect a RED Sling to a RED Sling Frame allowing fine adjustment in height without the need to disconnect. An additional four straps with carbine hooks are supplied to restrain the wrist and ankles using suitable wrist and ankle supports if desired. These can be configured in any direction to achieve the required effect. One of the benefits of using this set is its silent operation — no more clinking chains waking up the neighbours! Set includes four main straps with a pair of cam buckles on each and four restraint straps with four 5mm stainless steel carbine hooks. Recommended maximum working load of strap set 400Kg, (100Kg on each strap). Weight 0.9Kg.
  • highly adaptable, stylish suspension system
  • can be adjusted whilst in use without the need to disconnect
  • stainlesss steel heavy duty welded D rings
  • very high quality product
  • offers lots of configuration options
  • bespoke options available on request (to fit your own suspension points or ceiling hooks for example)
  • silent when in use (unlike chains)
  • Recommended maximum working load on strap set 400Kg.
    Weight 0.7Kg.


BEWARE impersonations and imitations. Unscrupulous dealers are trying to cash in on our reputation, selling inferior products under RED brands. If hasn't got our specific RED logo, then it's not a genuine RED product, and if it's not listed on our website, it's definitely not the real thing! Order direct from us to be sure you're getting the genuine article.
Easy to use and good to be creative with!Unlike chains, the RED Multi-function strap set is almost silent in use and very easily adjustibleThe Multi-function strap set can be attached to RED Heavy Duty Frames or Lightweight Frames, or an be used with your own hook systemsWhen not in use, the four ankle and wrist suspension straps can be hung neatly on the frame
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