Rear View Mirror

Offers the guy in the sling the opportunity to see just what is happening where the action is
Fully adjustable mirror, when you're on your back in the sling you can now have a perfect view of the action at your rear end, get to see what it's like to fill your hole, seriously horny.

Features include:
  • mirror support arm clamps in any position on sling frame horizontal cross members
  • convex glass mirror in strong black ABS hard plastic case with spherical joint
  • stainless steel support arm
  • RED Rear View Mirror dimensions:
    Length 38cm
    Width 19cm
    Weight 1.2Kg
The Rear View Mirror gives you a ring-side view of what's going on at your own behindThe Rear View Mirror attaches to the top bar of either the RED Heavy Duty or the Lightweight Sling Frames
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