The sling frame array for occasions and events where style, quality and performance matter
REDZONE sets can be tailor-made to fit various room sizes and in different configurations to suit your requirements.

The range includes:
  • RED Master Sling Frame
  • RED Lightweight Sling Frame
  • RED Heavy Duty Sling Frame
  • RED Mobile Heavy Duty Sling Frame, with caster wheels for use on stage and in clubs
  • REDZONE Sets, a modular system of sling frames interconnected side by side, minimum number of three and expandable to any size

  • Available to buy or hire worldwide, please email us to discuss your requirements
  • REDZONE sets are in development at this stage. We will add images and more detail as these become available.
Work in ProgressThe REDZONE - where the focus of the action will beThe REDZONE - adaptable and flexible to fit the available spaceThe REDZONE - set it up to suit the venue and the eventThe REDZONE - wherever the space allows
images/teases/ts270.png images/teases/ts092.png STRIKING MODERN DESIGNS