RED Stainless Steel Rim Seat

The RED Squat Seat is the ideal accessory for anyone who is serious about rimming!
Purpose built Squat Seat, designed from the ground up, with a totally new innovative concept and construction.

We have created a modern, funky, striking design to support your arse in just the right places and give your partner unrestricted access to eat your hole. It's not just a reworking of an old toilet seat (like some!!).

Features include:
  • two-piece tubular frame made from corrosion-free medical grade 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish
  •  simply clips together
  • seat in two halves made from mild steel in a special contrasting black epoxy coating with a cushioned 4mm bridle butt leather cover
  • seat is curved and inclined to fit the shape of your arse — one size fits all
  • seat has three height adjustment positions to suit size and taste
  • red handgrips uniquely positioned for use either by the person on the seat or the person underneath
  •  two D rings incorporated into the base frame to restrain collars
  • leather seat has a great smell and feel (like a leather bike seat)
  •  non-marking rubber feet
  • completely dismantles for easy storage
  • RED Rim Seat dimensions:
    seat heights: 260mm, 280mm, and 300mm
    length: 380mm
    width: 420mm (handles 560mm)
    weight: 5Kg boxed
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Stylishly redesigned from the ground up: it's the ergonomic squat seatNot just another adapted toilet seat like the others on the market!Squat seat is height-adjustable for a variety of bodyshapes and sizesThe ergonomic RED Squat SeatThe leather seat has a great smell and feel (like a leather bike seat)
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